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Sorta fresh...old meat.


Name? Jennika Krystyna
Sex? (If you put, 'yes please' I will beat you with a lead pipe.) female.
Age? 15
Sexual Preference? straight
.:Society/Current Issues:.
Please be detailed.
Please state your views on:
Gay Marriage- I really do not see the problem in it. Marriage is a bond of love, so it should be legal and we should let them love just like the rest of us. Though, some people link the issue back to the bible. However, people sin more and more everyday, so why should we crack down on one particular sin while we go and sin throughout the day? Yeah, thought so. I am a master debater. haha.
The War-k, seriously. I'm still a little hazy on why exactly we continue to be over there when we have caught whoever it was we were after, but my dad says that we have to and he went into a long explination about it and it was pretty convincing. So overall, I am pro-Bush and Bush's decisions.
Abortion-well, I would say anti-abortion, but there are different situations. I'd have to say that if I became pregnant, I would get an abortion, and I'd be a hypocrite for looking down on those who do. I just couldn't stand knowing my baby was out there without me. I guess that is bad, but...sorry.
.:What do you like?:.
Bands/Singers? woo! the Band question! TBS, MSI, Atreyu, Brand New, Bright Eyes, etc., etc.
Clothing?what fits&looks cute.
Hobbies?I don't think I have any, but I do write poetry and I love photography.
What do you think 'to be ELECTRiC' means? It means to be me. &lemme tell ya, that is shocking.
What makes you 'ELECTRiC?' The fact that I cried a black tear in P.E. [[haha]] &b/c I love to dance like a white girl!
And?--- I am your electric lover. *wink wink*
.:Look at me and my ELECTRiCiTY:.
Show us at least two pictures of yourself. Make them clear.
sorry :-/ these are the only ones I have uploaded on my photobucket, hun.

'scuse the cunts. Its for my other community psychedelic_nig <33

No make-up=ew. But you both know what I look like. :-D
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