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Name? Vikkie
Sex? (If you put, 'yes please' I will beat you with a lead pipe.) haha female
Sexual Preference? straight
.:Society/Current Issues:.
Please be detailed.
Please state your views on:
Gay Marriage- love isnt something thats tamed and contained nor can it be restricted to what society believes to be moral or correct. love is suffacating, unexpected, ridiculous, impossible, so beautiful and no where does it say that it can only happen between a man and a woman. no one should be refused their happiness+love just because they dont fit the norm. and some can say being gay is wierd. but in the end, we're all a little wierd. and when we find someone whose wierdness is compatible to ours, we fall into a mutually satisyfing wierdness and call it Love.
The War- reminds me of babies fighting because they dont get what they want.
Abortion- is not up to the government. they are not allowed to control what we do to our bodies. especially not in America. it is the mothers choice. not someone whose never felt the pain of birth. [Bush.]
.:What do you like?:.
Bands/Singers?her space holiday. the dresden dolls. coheed and cambria. ima robot. cuteiswhatweaimfor. kottonmouth kings. from first to last. the velvet teen. brand new. say hi to your mom. blackbox recorder. october fall. trivium. daphne loves derby. the capricorns. between the buried and me. pretty girls make graves. belay my last. the alkaline trio. the academy is.
Clothing?i wear pretty much whatever i think looks good on me.
Hobbies? photography. making as many memories as possible. being out of my house. hanging out with my friends. talking. dancing. myspace. [haha]
What do you think 'to be ELECTRiC' means? giving your life your all. standing out. voicing your opinion. having an attitude. not taking peoples insults. not letting people walk all over you.
What makes you 'ELECTRiC?' doing everything that i stated above.
And?---I am your ELECTRiC lover.
.:Look at me and my ELECTRiCiTY:.

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