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Name?the one and only stephanie
Sex? (If you put, 'yes please' I will beat you with a lead pipe.)SURE!! only form my little chickies tho
Age? dosent matter ill take what i can get
Sexual Preference? male
.:Society/Current Issues:.
Please be detailed.what?
Please state your views on:
Gay Marriage- if u make it a law not to people are still gonna do it anyways so fuck the government
The War-*powt* my cuz is in it:*(
Abortion-dont like but also dont hate
.:What do you like?:.
Bands/Singers?franz ferdinand,eighteen visions, tbs, alot of other shit
Clothing?dont care i would love to go naked tho
What do you think 'to be ELECTRiC' means? well...this one time i got eletrified and i stuck a quarter in the elerical socket b/c i thought it was a slot machine and i was ZAPPED!!! then i touched the door and got ZAPPED! again!!
What makes you 'ELECTRiC?'my cunning edge style
And?--- the fact that i'm just super cool
.:Look at me and my ELECTRiCiTY:.

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